#Accelerate Innovation in Autonomous Car

20+ years of expertise in the Automotive space

8+ years of partnership with Renesas

Proactive member of the Renesas R-Car Consortium

Sasken is enabling Tier-1s/OEMs to develop Advanced Driving Assistance Systems by leveraging its unique expertise in integrating best-in-class technologies from computer vision domain and communication domain.

For over eight years, Sasken has been a part of the Renesas ecosystem with extensive experience across Renesas chipsets such as R-Car H2, H3, M2, M3, W2H, W2R, RL78, RH850, MP523x, MP653x, Tri-Core A9. Sasken has been engaged across:

  • Platform Engineering: BSP, Modem/RIL integration for next Gen SOCs, Linux Kernel, Multimedia, System, Memory, Power, and KPI
  • Customer Engineering: Ownership Linux USB stack for Renesas Mobile, all subsystems including Audio, Wi-Fi, BT and NFC
  • Automotive Development: Developing IVI, Telematics & Cluster for automotive grade chipsets on Linux, Android, AGL and QNX
  • Codec Licensing: Licensing of audio codecs and development of GStreamer plugins

Today, Sasken is a proactive member of the Renesas R-Car Consortium and is developing cutting-edge solutions for Automotive Tier-1s and OEMs on Renesas platforms. Sasken’s solution accelerators on Renesas platforms reduce time-to-market. They are:

  • Integrated Cockpit System using R-Car H3
  • Telematics/Connected Car Solution using R-Car M3

Sasken Reference Solution for IVI System on R-Car H3


  • Launcher:
    • Standard Apps
    • Add/Delete Apps
    • Navigation Bar
  • Car Setting:
    • Bluetooth
    • Language
    • Car Status App: TPMS, Door,
    • Diagnostics, Rear View Camera
    • Display
  • Alexa Integration:
    • Set Temperature
    • Door Lock/Unlock
    • Start Music App
  • Phone App: Shows Car information and syncs with Cloud
  • Phone:
    • Contacts, Dialpad
    • Favourites, History
  • Music: SD Card and BT
  • Content
  • TomTom Maps: Maps and Navigation
  • Driver Alertness Monitoring:
    • Mono-camera with video analytic support (Blink, Yawn, head/eye position)
    • Single metric generation for driver attention level
    • Auditory warning generation
    • Event recording
  • Forward Collision Warning:
    • Collision time assessment with vehicle in front on the road using NN based video analytics
    • Fusion of mmWave Radar for collision detection
    • Lane Detection
    • Generation of audio based warning
    • Event Recording
  • Traffic and Road Signs Recognition:
    • Detection of traffic signals
    • Detection of traffic signs
    • Detection of road signs
    • Provision of Audio based warning
    • Event Recording

Sasken Reference Solution for Cluster on R-Car H3


  • CAN interface
  • Speedometer, odometer and RPM gauges/ tachometer
  • Fuel, oil, battery and temperature gauges
  • PRNDL indicator
  • Reverse camera
  • Media metadata display
  • TBT Navigation
  • Call information
  • Classic & Sports mode
  • V2X, ADAS & Connected Car Warnings


Sasken’s Connected Car Gateway Solution on R-Car M3

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