Rewards and Recognition

Rewards and Recognition

Jhunjhunwala Excellence in Technology Award

Rewards and Recognition

Being a technology-driven company Sasken ensures you get to explore and innovate with creative freedom. Every work comes with a responsibility and for each of your effort, we have an expert team that evaluates your performance and appreciates your work with rewards and recognition.

You can be rest assured that your effort will be acknowledged and appreciated. Whether it is individual performance or collective efforts, our robust performance measurement systems and incentive scheme will help achieve your career aspirations.

Rewards and Recognition

From each contributing parameter, one Sasian will win a ‘Champion Award’. 

Anniversary Recognition AWARDS are how we celebrate milestone years in every employee’s career in recognition of their commitment, effort, faith and loyalty.


The Jhunjhunwala Excellence in Technology Award ( JET ) is institutionalized to recognize those who exemplify the spirit of Techno – Commercial Innovation. This is in honour of Dr Ashok Jhunjhunwala, Director Sasken and awarded to the Innovative prototype / Innovative Demo / Innovative experience, created either by an individual Sasian or Team of SasiansSPOT Awards program is to instantaneously recognize and acknowledge all levels of exceptional performance, accomplishments and contributions of individuals and teams with associated behaviors, which has an impact on the organizational achievements.

  • AOQ (Achiever of the Quarter) - The ‘Achiever of the Quarter‘ award recognizes exceptional individual performance. The  contributions are categorized into two:

1. Corporate

2. Engineering


  • Brand Ambassador Awards - Brand Ambassador Awards are specially crafted for our on-site employees who maintain an unquestionable perception of the brand with customers
  • Execution Excellence - Execution Champion Awards, are crafted to recognize those teams and individuals who display exceptional execution abilities; those people for who, no timeline is too short, no plan is unachievable and no target is beyond their reach. Nothing is impossible
  • TOQ (Team of the Quarter) - The ‘Team of the Quarter‘ award recognizes exceptional team performance, it is  split into three categories:

               1. Functional Corporate

               2. Functional Engineering

               3. Cross Functional

  • Team Spirit Awards - The ‘Team Spirit Award’ will be given to one team that displays the ability to work in harmony, whilst being result driven and builds lasting relationships along the way.

The parameters for nominating all the above awards are:

  • Customers
  • Technology
  • People
  • Quality
  • Growth
  • Leadership
  • Virtual Marbles - Virtual Marbles is an online reward mechanism which is institutionalized in order to foster the culture of appreciation
  • Spot Awards
  • Big Boss - Big Boss Awards, recognizes those Managers who in their own special way, inspire and guide their teams towards personal and team success
  • IRISE Value Leadership Awards - IRISE AWARDS, recognizing superior commitment to the five values of Sasken in their everyday involvement
  • Change Leadership - Change Leader AWARDS, for those who stretch beyond their individual Key Result Areas (KRAs) to initiate progress in your own ways and be a catalyst of change