Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Accelerate transition towards becoming a digital enterprise with productized approach to development

With the evolution of the smart device, internet, cloud and social elements, enterprises are externally able to engage better with customers and internally enhance process efficiencies. Sasken helps organizations tide through the digitization process using an exploratory approach that helps CIOs move from ideation to prototyping and eventual deployment of solutions. This approach empowers CIOs to deliver tailor-made applications drawing on a repertoire of evolutionary solutions.

Sasken, with its productized approach to development, brings to the CIO organizations a fresh perspective for accelerating the transition toward becoming a digital enterprise. 

Digital Transformation


Sasken believes systems of the future will not be mutually exclusive. Our portfolio is designed to help you create next generation digital systems. While these systems will have connectivity to smart devices, they will ride on data analytics, be connected to the cloud and are likely to be among the Internet of Things. Sasken’s legacy in mobility and associated technologies coupled with expertise across multiple generations of technologies, platforms, operating systems and standards makes it possible to bring to the table an ‘inside out’ perspective that places mobility at the core. 

Sasken continues to prove its expertise in providing data discovery and analytics services to enterprises. Hyper-competition among enterprises along with the need for instant gratification has necessitated gleaming insights from data assets in a visual and agile fashion. Our business intelligence (BI) solutions are geared to help companies derive actionable insights from data via the use of predictive analytics techniques. Our heritage in communication and devices uniquely positions us to work with machine-generated data, use the appropriate analytics techniques for several business scenarios.

Sasken believes that the apps of the future are going to be built by designing systems for the cloud leveraging infrastructure that are already available in the public cloud. In this space, Sasken provides SaaS enablement, multi-tenant architecture, public, private, and hybrid cloud architectures, cloud migration, cloud reference architecture, micro-services enablement, and single page apps. 

Sasken has extensive expertise in devices and communications which when combined with our competencies in connectivity, multimedia, platforms and analytics helps us deliver IoT applications that provide the customer with profitable solutions.