Sasken Technologies Ltd.

Established in 1989, Sasken employs 2200+ people, operating from state-of-the-art centers in Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai & Hyderabad (India), Kaustinen & Tampere (Finland), and Beijing (China). We also have a presence across Germany, Japan, UAE, UK, and USA. In the 25+ years of its existence, Sasken has established itself as a pioneer in creating IP and solution accelerators that have been a part of over 200+ commercially shipped unique products of globally leading OEMs.

Sasken has been a provider of professional audio design and testing services for companies that design products which require outstanding audio performance. While Sasken has previously focused on device centric design with audio and acoustic design and testing for mobile phones and other consumer products, Sasken is also working on voice control for professional devices and accessories.

The home is getting better connected every day, with the advent of Internet of Things (IoT). After Typing and Touch provided users with easy-to-use interfaces, Voice Control is going to make the face of smart home connectivity much more simple but powerful. Sasken has partnered with a leading Audio DSP semiconductor supplier and works with its Software Partners to service end customers’ complex Audio products design and implementation journey.