Services we offer:

Sasken Audio Lab with over two decades of expertise in Audio and Acoustics design for objective and subjective analysis. This specific lab room can also be used also for ‘Listening Room’ testing purposes. We offer:

  • Anechoic Assessment & Benchmarking of products in market vs. your product
  • R&D Recordings and Measurements to validate quality, maturity & performance
  • Virtualized Lab Room

Test Scenarios for Connected Home devices:

  • DUT mount positions: table, ceiling, walls, floor etc.
  • Target positions: stationary, moving, spatial angles, multiple targets etc.
  • Noise Sources: pink, pub, cafeteria, music, living room, radio, TV etc.

Example recording types:

  • Moderate (<=400 ms) and high (>800 ms) room Reverberation
  • 8 channel or more audio recording capability
  • Full band 48 Khz
  • Subjective Assessments
    • ACOPT 16 PESQ, ACOPT 21 3QUEST, ACOPT 30 POLQA, ACOPT 25, Room acoustics, Clarity C50, ACOPT 34, Speech Intelligibility Index
  • Audio stream access benchmarks
    • SNR, SNRi, DRR
  • ASR Performance
  • Voice Trigger Performance (FAR/FRR)

Sasken Advantages:

20+ years of expertise in Hardware and Software which enables customers get the perfectly tuned and tested device for the real world

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