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Public Notice:

Sasken would like to categorically state that it does not use communication/chat platforms to make offers or solicit prospective employees. Any hiring for Sasken is handled by its authorized recruitment partners or by Sasken directly. Anyone interacting with bots/unauthorized representatives/individuals who claim to be recruiting for Sasken are doing so at their own risk. Sasken encourages genuine job seekers to write to and ascertain availability of vacancies.

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For background verification queries, please write to

PF Notice for Former Employees:

Former employees of Sasken Technologies Limited (formerly known as Sasken Communication Technologies Limited/Silicon Automation Systems Limited) who have not transferred or withdrawn the balance in their Provident Fund account from the SAS Employees Provident Fund Trust are requested to do so immediately. You may write to in this connection.

Please note that Government of India has in principle decided that the unclaimed balances be transferred to the Senior Citizens Welfare Fund (“Fund”). To make this effective the designated account and other modalities is expected to be notified by them in due course. Once this becomes effective, the unclaimed balance will be transferred to the Fund and any claim for transfer or withdrawal has to be made to this Fund. Requesting all of those who have the balance with the trust to act immediately.

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Why Sasken

How we do

A career with Sasken is an opportunity to be part of an innovative team that works on cutting edge technologies connecting the world. We are always looking for smart, talented, innovative, and creative thinkers who are willing to change the world of technology.

Join us in transforming the technology industry

As an industry leader we cultivate minds that stand out from the crowd. Sasken is a place where technology blooms; we empower our employees to create, innovate and solve challenging business problems for our customers.

Sasken Talent Incubation
Talent Incubation

Talent incubation helps employees learn fast, obtain guidance and coaching from the best minds at Sasken.

Sasken Rewards and Recognition
Rewards and Recognition

Being a technology-driven company Sasken ensures you get to explore and innovate with creative freedom.

Sasken's Engagement and Wellbeing
Engagement and Wellbeing

Employees are the center of everything we do, they are our greatest assets, and nurturing employee relationship is our top priority.

Recruitment Process

We ensure that our opportunities and our employees fit like a glove.

Sasken Alumni

We believe that every Sasian contributes significantly to our achievements, both big and small.

Internship Program

Work with technology leaders on cutting edge technologies such as 4G/5G, IoT, Big Data Analytics, Signal/Image Processing, and Computer vision.