Engagement and Wellbeing

Engagement and Wellbeing

Engagement and Wellbeing

Employees are the center of everything we do, they are our greatest assets, nurturing employee relationship is top priority. Sasken has an exclusive team of employee engagement experts who are focused on creating and executing initiatives to keep employee satisfaction levels at their highest. Whether it is bringing in the fun element,  building and sustaining leadership connect and recognition in the organization our team is always at it.

Engagement and Wellbeing

Our people management focus is to be an ‘employer of choice’. We achieve this every year by the following:

  • Nature of work
  • Monetary benefits
  • Opportunity for global mobility
  • Growth
  • Quality of development inputs
  • Personal preferences

Freedom to experiment and fun at work breeds innovation. We have a dedicated team that makes sure there is a constant air of fun lingering in our premises. Our celebrations reach out to families and attempt to build an emotional connect by providing unique experiences to our employees and their family.

Internal fun events such as Jamboree and Prakruti Mela are not to be missed. You will be surprised to experience exciting events or a cricket star coming to Sasken to tell you about the ‘making of a champion’.

Sasken retains its leadership in the technology industry by training, mentoring and coaching employees. Employees have access to the top leaders at Sasken. This process is structured and streamlined over 27 years and works seamlessly for you.

  • Off sites
  • Group meetings
  • One-on-ones
  • Core Sasken leadership teams to increase involvement, accountability and ownership of leaders
  • Executive Coaching for key leaders
  • Leadership development programs
  • Increased frequency of Skip Level meetings to strengthen manager- team relationships
  • Focus on frequency and quality of Team Building initiatives.
  • 360degree feedback
  • Collaboration between cross functional teams and leaders – a key area of focus for development aiming to build a stronger and synergistic leadership team
  • Succession planning and leadership development for high potential leaders

Every employee aligning themselves with the organization goals and being aware of their responsibility is a key to our growth. Effective communication is the core of employee engagement and we manage it by smart tools and process.

Sasken CXO Blog is very popular and aims to keep employees informed about leadership perspectives, business decisions, the current  industry climate.

Sasken training and development structure is robust and is proven over 27 years. Our training system helps employees choose to participate in programs that are relevant to their interest and job role. Constant introduction of training programs (Technical and Non-Technical) and e-learning modules gets huge number of enrolments and acceptance.

Sasken technology prowess is helping the needy by empowering communities. We are focused in helping the society by bringing change with our mobility expertise.