Online PF Withdrawal Form Submission

Online PF Withdrawal Form Submission


  1. Login to the Online PF Withdrawal Portal with the User ID and Password
  2. User ID will be your Sasken Employee ID and Password will be your Date of Birth (DOB) & PAN
    If your DOB is 01-Dec-1980 and PAN is ABCDE1234F
    Password format: DDMMYYYPAN. Password will be 01121980ABCDE1234F
  3. Click “Utilities’ and select Settlement Application.
  4. Update your Current Address, City, State, Pin code and Click “Apply for Settlement”
  5. Click the Member Info Tab, Select Composite Claim Forms.
    Update all the Mandatory Fields marked in yellow and click Update.
    Click Generate Forms
    Download all the forms and sign it. (Please ensure that all the information appearing in the forms are correct before signing and uploading the same)
  6. Click Utilities Tab, Select Settlement Application.
    Click on the Document for uploading.
    Mandatory Documents to be uploaded by Ex-Employee for PF withdrawal

  7.   Settlement to Sasken Salary Account   Settlement to Non-Salary Account
        Aadhaar – PF Final Settlement Form   Aadhaar – PF Final Settlement Form
        Aadhaar – Pension Withdrawal Benefits Form.   Aadhaar – Pension Withdrawal Benefits Form.
        Non Aadhaar – Pension Withdrawal Benefits Form.   Non Aadhaar – Pension Withdrawal Benefits Form.
        Cancelled cheque leaf of Sasken Salary A/c.   Cancelled cheque leaf.
        Latest Form 26AS for Current Financial Year.   Latest From 26AS for Current Financial Year.
        Non-Employment Form.   Non-Employment Form
        Relieving letter.   Relieving letter.
          Copy of Pan card and Aadhaar card
          Six month bank statement for New Saving A/c.
          A letter from bank regarding A/c. closure of Sasken Salary A/c.
          Original letter from the bank confirming the New Bank account No. and the PAN of the employee.
          Proof of address for communication like Aadhaar / Passport / Gas bill / Electricity bill copy
  8. Kindly ensure that all the required documents are uploaded as per requirement.
  9. Write a mail to and informing about the request raised through PF Withdrawal Online Portal


  • On Receipt of duly filled correct information and documents, the PF withdrawal request will be completed within 15 days from the date of receipt of Complete and Correct Online Application.
  • Any incomplete applications results in rejection in processing of the application.