Sasken’s expertise spans across Application Development on Mobile/handheld devices, Desktop applications, Server applications, Enterprise based architecture and applications. Sasken has designed and developed the services layer between application module and UI, application module and Protocols, protocol and underlying layer.


  • Application Development on Handheld Device
    • SMS
    • Voice calls - VoIP
    • Live tracking systems
    • Control room applications like NMS, Dispatcher and Monitoring system
    • Weather information applications
  • Desktop Applications, Server Applications, Enterprise based Architecture and Applications
  • Application Testing
  • Enterprise Applications built using C#, .NET, WPF, WCF, NHibernate and SQL
  • Used Qt for both Device and Application specifics
  • Cross Platform Terminal/handset Simulator Developments for Easy Testing and Automation Testing
  • PC Suite Development, Complete GUI and Framework, for Satellite Phones for Services Usage and Testing
  • GUI Development using QML Qt Creator, Qt Widgets, Qt Quick and Qt Webkit
    • Debug tools, Firmware upgrade tools, Configuration tools, Logging tool, Monitoring tool
  • Qt Features used across Different Programs
    • Graphics visual types, animation, layouts, scalability for size, aspect
    • ratio, orientation, density, style, and theme
    • Menu/status bar, control box, navigations
    • All types of widgets
    • Extensively used the internationalization and translation
      • Satellite phones and public safety phones are in use across globe



Customer:Tier-1 Satellite System Developer

Scope To design and develop the satellite terminals for Fixed, Vehicul...

Customer:Leading European satellite service provider

Scope To design and develop the satellite phone complying to GSM and G...

Customer:World’s leading satellite service provider

Scope New generation of customer’s existing Satellite phone with addit...

Customer:Leading European Public Safety Handset OEM

Scope To develop a professional mobile radio user terminal for 350 MHz...