In the coming decade, organizations across multiple industries will realize the potential impact of Blockchain – DLT based solutions on business functions. This impact can be felt by blockchain-based solutions helping generate incremental revenues from business as usual processes as well as opening up new potential areas of revenue for them. Blockchain technology will also have a direct impact on reducing cost of operations, and help reduce operational inefficiencies to a large extent.

As industries around the world look at creating a better ecosystem of entities, we will see Blockchain-based services becoming more relevant and imperative for businesses going forward.

Key Imperatives of IoT Enablement

No central/single point of ownership allowing for tolerating of accidental system faults Read More
Internally consistent blocks ensuring appends and zero updates Read More
Permission-less public blockchain driven by consensus mechanisms for authentication Read More

We’re helping deliver:

New blockchain based revenue streams: Business consulting in identifying and realizing newer business models and revenue streams that can be enabled by implementation of a Blockchain based environment.

Establishing a trusted ecosystem: A scalable platform that can help ease on-boarding of multiple entities in the ecosystem and maintaining data security and access by fine grained permissioning mechanisms.

Inter-platform interoperability: Experience in multiple blockchain platforms (Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, Quorum, Corda), across development frameworks (Node.js, Solidity, Java, Truffle), and, production environment (On-premise, AWS, MS Azure, GCP).

Accelerated implementation framework: Leveraging cross-platform, low code app development platforms to increase reusability, save cost of development and improve time to market.

Benefits of Blockchain solution

  • Lesser disputes among all actors in the ecosystem
  • Decentralized and distributed systems enable faster transactions and reconciliations
  • Immutability allows establishment of True data provenance and builds trust in processes
  • Cost reductions due to reduced dependence on standalone legacy systems, and reduced manual intervention in integrating multiple source systems
  • Immutable logs and records ensure validity of all historical and current transaction , this helps in Fraud prevention and assists in regulatory compliances

Business Impact

Multimodal ticketing platform using Blockchain to enable real-time revenue reconciliation

Establishing Traceability Of Product Quality And Accountability In Supply Chain


We help our customers in the complete lifecycle of developing and deploying Blockchain based solutions.

  • Discovery & use case validation
    • Identify use cases for blockchain based on potential business impact
    • Determine technology feasibility of the use case
    • Determine business feasibility ( Rol, partnership, Requirements, business process, regulations etc.)
    • Create and define conceptual architecture of the use case
  • Proof of concept
    • Scope determination of proof of concept
    • Technology and development platform selection
    • Development of the PoC – Blockchain backend + Mobile/Web frontend
    • Test the PoC in a simulated/real environment based on complexity
  • MVP development
    • Architecture design for the minimum viable product/platform
    • Development of blockchain platform + front end ( Web/Mobile application)
    • Agile based development and execution
    • Testing and assurance in the real operating environment
  • Sustenance and monitoring
    • Platform/product feature enhancement
    • Maintenance and support – L2 & L3
    • Leverage automation as the product matures



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