Multimodal ticketing platform using Blockchain to enable real-time revenue reconciliation

Customer: European Road Telematics and Telecommunications Company

Scope: Sasken developed a solution for multimodal ticketing system that enables end user to seamlessly journey to their destination using multiple transport service providers – trains, buses, metros, cabs etc. Sasken was involved in defining the technology stack, blockchain architecture and data storage construct for this implementation


  • Supports on-boarding multiple PTOs while maintaining multi-tenancy
  • Enables transaction level data security i.e. data is available only to approved entities
  • Based on private blockchain ‘Ethereum’ to build more trust into the platform
  • Employs proof of authority as consensus mechanism to ensure transactions are tamper proof


  • Built a blockchain driven platform of inter-connected entities
  • Enables real-time revenue reconciliation among multiple PTOs
  • Reduces effort for auditing and account preparation, gives organization an accurate view of their operations in near real-time
  • Increases trust in the ecosystem among the various PTOs that interact with each other
  • Improves commuter convenience by providing options for multiple modes of travel
Multimodal ticketing platform

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