Platform Development & Sustenance

Platform Development & Sustenance

Platform Development & Sustenance

In today’s digital economy, industry ecosystems are evolving and unraveling new value creation opportunities. As speed, interoperability, scalability and user experience reinvent the paradigm of customer experience, next-gen, scalable, agile, and intelligent cloud-based applications and platforms continue to gain relevance.

Imperatives of the New Age Digital Platform

We’re helping deliver:

Agility: Providing superior code which is easier to extend, maintain and adapt. We reduce rework and risk with our agile development practices such as deployment, continuous integration, and frequent deliveries

Scalability: Actively meeting rapidly growing business needs through cost-effective applications leveraging Serverless computing, containers, and Cloud native PaaS

Business ecosystem integrations: Bringing customers, partners, and vendor systems together to create new business models, revenue streams, cost efficiencies, and a seamless customer experience by leveraging APIs and integrated architectures

Design led experiences: Creating systems with customers’ needs and pain points at the center of the design process

Business Impact


We work with our customers across all major cloud platforms and technologies to offer services in the following areas:

  • User Experience Design, Architecture Modernization, advisory, and implementation
  • Cloud Native application development
  • Application and data migration across different platforms and technologies
  • Application integration
  • APIs: architecture and development
  • DevOps quality services
  • Sustenance: support and maintenance services

Partnerships and Alliances

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