The manufacturing industry is witnessing the 4th industrial revolution, driven by digitization of business processes in a new environment of smart factories, smart products, and integrated supply chains. Manufacturers faced with the conflicting demands of mass customization, i.e. efficiency and flexibility, are looking for better ways of making manufacturing more customer centric and sustainable, while achieving higher quality and greater asset utilization.

Current Trends:

  • Mass Customization
  • Faster Time-to-Market
  • Multi-dimensional collaboration
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Continuous Engineering and Innovation
  • Convergence of IT and OT systems

Current Challenges:

  • Rising Unplanned Manufacturing downtime
  • Rising Cost of Poor Quality
  • Rising Work Related Incidents
  • Lack of Coordination


  • Connect assets on the factory floor to generate real-time insights?
  • Predict equipment failure and shift from reactive maintenance to predictive maintenance?
  • Improve quality of your products?
  • Integrate IT and OT systems to create a single source of truth?
  • Lower production costs?
  • Make the factory safer and smarter?

Sasken partners with enterprises to assess their Industry 4.0 maturity by using its in-house Maturity framework and create roadmaps for successful IIoT implementations. Sasken’s ability to implement proven use cases that offer high business benefits in areas of Operational Efficiency, Supply Chain, Worker Productivity, and Utilities, makes us the partner of choice for several of our global customers.

Leveraging its three decades of expertise in semiconductor and connectivity technologies, Sasken has developed a platform agnostic modular IIoT Gateway software stack and IIoT Analytics Platform with state-of-the-art features that can be customized quickly to reduce time-to-market and lay the foundation for Industry 4.0


  • IIoT Strategy Planning Consultation
    • Plant Digital Maturity Assessment
    • Build vs. Buy Decision Making
    • Partner Selection
    • RoI Planning
    • Architecture Roadmap
  • Field Device Commissioning
    • Device Commissioning and Provisioning
    • Device Configuration
    • Device Interoperability testing
    • Sensor and Devices Monitoring
  • Embedded Engineering
    • BSP, Driver & Protocol Development
    • Platform Migration & Customized Bootloader
    • System Component Selection
    • Protocol Ingestion
    • Edge Analytics
    • Sensor Driver Development
  • IIoT Edge Gateway:
    • Leverage Sasken’s Edge Gateway Architecture
    • Enabling device/Senor and Cloud Connectivity
    • Enabling Edge AI/ML
  • IIoT Platform
    • Cloud Readiness Assessment
    • Migration of Infrastructure/Applications/Platforms On Cloud
    • IIoT Platform Development
    • Customization of Platform
    • Platform Upgrade and Migration Services
    • Integration of Third-Party Enterprise Systems
  • IIoT Application
    • Enabling Data Visualization
    • Application development as per the use case
    • Design, Development and Customization UI/UX
    • Management and upgrade of application
    • Application security
  • Analytics:
    • Developing Descriptive Analytics algorithms
    • Developing Diagnostic Analytics algorithms
    • Developing Predictive Analytics algorithms
    • Developing Cognitive Analytics algorithms


  • Sasken IIoT Edge Gateway Software Architecture
  • Sasken IIoT Analytics Platform
  • Template use case approach across
    • Operational Efficiency
    • Workforce and Utility Effectiveness
    • Material Management and SCM
  • Proven Quality Assurance Framework for IoT Platforms


  • Provide complete breadth and scale of services needed to transform industrial operations
  • Deep expertise in embedded engineering and communications in heterogeneous industrial environments with a diverse mix of legacy and new protocols
  • Customized engagement and business models



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