Faster time-to-market with Multi-Connectivity IoT logistic Gateway

Customer: Leading North American Semiconductor company

Scope: Customer was facing a global logistics challenge covering damaged, lost, stolen, and delayed shipments. They wanted a Gateway which would enable interoperability between devices and equipment from different independent manufacturers across the supply chain in order to enable end-to-end supply chain monitoring.


  • Firmware Development
    • Gateway BSP integration, BSP scaling for peripherals used and firmware development
    • Network stack development and Modem integration to Gateway, enabling connectivity options
  • Sensor to Gateway Connectivity
    • CC service, Tag Interfaces, OBT interfaces for provision support and integration to Gateway
    • Interfacing Tags with Gateway
    • Sensor data collection and sharing with cloud
  • Gateway to Cloud Connectivity
    • Development of Cloud Connector service
    • Cloud Module setup, enhancements, configuration and integration
    • Sensors configuration via Cloud
  • Web/Mobile Interface
    • Development of web application for creating/monitoring the shipments
    • Android app


  • Developed a multi-connectivity enabled and platform agnostic Gateway
  • Reduced time-to-market for customer’s products

Customer:Global leader in RFID products and IoT solutions

Customer:Premier American rugged device manufacturer

Customer: Leading Finnish industrial machinery company