Enabling Physical to Digital Transformation in Industrial IoT  


Industry 4.0 is imminent and, unlike earlier industrial revolutions, the pace of change during this time is going to be unprecedentedly fast. Industrial ecosystem players who are slow or hesitant to adapt to this change will be at a risk of becoming irrelevant in the near future.

With 30+ years of deep expertise in Semiconductor, Embedded Systems, and Connectivity technologies Sasken has been engineering state-of-the-art products coupled with Digital Enablers and has formulated a ‘first time right’ approach to enable the Industrial IoT/Industry 4.0 journey for its customers.

Sasken has helped multiple Industrial players in the accelerated development of their next-gen Industrial products and IoTized manufacturing plants through its well established Product Engineering and Digital Transformation expertise.

Sasken’s expertise in ‘Chip to Cognition’ technologies has enabled multiple solution accelerators, which address overall IIoT enablement needs of Industrial products and manufacturing plants.


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Business Impact

Reduced Time-to-Market With Unified IIoT Platform and Business Apps

Faster Time-to-Market with Multi-Connectivity IoT Logistic Gateway

Enhanced User Experience with Touch Screen-Based GUI for Next-Gen Kettle Product

Reduced Maintenance Costs with Remote Control and Diagnostics of Industrial Valves

Track and Visualize Paving Operations via Saas-Based Industrial IoT Platform

Reduced Test Effort by 75% with End-to-End Test Automation

Off-Highway Machines

Develop next-gen Off-Highway Machines with Sasken’s Hardware, Embedded and Digital Software solutions

Connected Manufacturing

Reduce unplanned manufacturing downtime and improve OEE with Sasken’s Connected Manufacturing services

Machine Tools

Accelerate development of next-gen Machine Tools leveraging Sasken’s Chip to Cognition capabilities

Enterprise Devices

Sasken is enabling top Device OEMs rapidly launch next-gen Enterprise Products on latest Android and proprietary platforms

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