The digitalization of business processes in a new environment of smart factories, smart products, and integrated supply chains has triggered the 4th Industrial Revolution. Manufacturers faced with the conflicting demands of ‘mass customization’ are looking for better ways of making manufacturing more customer-centric and sustainable while achieving higher quality, and greater asset utilization. Like all of manufacturing, Machine Tool operations are heading toward a more streamlined, connected, and intelligent network.

  • Enhanced Experience & Performance for End Customer
    • Higher Torque & Faster Cycle Time
    • Wireless Connectivity
    • Intuitive & Futuristic HMI
    • Predictive Maintenance
  • Expectations & Considerations for Product Suppliers
    • Modular Platform consolidation
    • Accelerated Time to Market
    • Cost-Effective Development & Sustenance/Warranty
    • Industrial Quality & Certifications


  • Improved Operations & Efficiency for Factory Floor
    • Energy Efficiency
    • MES Integration
    • Process Quality Control & Error Proofing
    • OTA firmware upgrades & Security


  • Develop a Modular Product to enable multiple product lines at minimum cost?
  • Increase Accuracy, Precision, Torque and reduce cycle time?
  • Reduce field maintenance costs with remote digital diagnostics?
  • Get real-time usage insights to support product innovation?
  • Help your customers to move from reactive to predictive maintenance?
  • Create new Digital revenue streams with Product-as-a-Service?

Sasken has partnered with customers around the globe and worked across the value chain to provide Consulting services in hardware component selection as well as services such as Multi-Connectivity Enablement, Design and Development of intuitive HMI, Cloud Enablement, IIoT Platform Development, Remote Monitoring, and Predictive Maintenance.

Sasken, with its three decades of extensive Mechanical, Electrical, Embedded and Digital expertise can work along with Machine Tools manufacturers and assist them in creating next-gen industrial tools to enable remote assessment, diagnostics, prognostics, and edge intelligence taking end-to-end responsibility – from design to development.


  • Mechanical Engineering
    • FEM/FEA analyses, surface modeling, mold flow analyses
    • 2D sketch level drawings, 3D mock-ups and proof-of-concept
    • User experience, psychographic and consumer segmentation
  • Electronics Design
    • Embedded electronics, audio, RF and antenna simulations, design, integration and verification
    • Flex and rigid high density & multilayer PCB design
  • Embedded Engineering
    • BSP, Driver & Protocol Development
    • Platform Migration & Customized Bootloader
    • System Component Selection
    • Protocol Ingestion
    • Edge Analytics
    • Sensor Driver Development
  • Industrial Connectivity
    • Protocol Stack Development
    • Interface Customizations
    • Support for multiple Semiconductor Platforms
    • Platform Integration
    • Multi-Connectivity Enablement
    • Security and Connectivity Management
  • Smart & Connected Industrial HMI
    • Intuitive UI/UX Design & Development
    • Industrial HMI Reference Architecture
    • Mobility and Augmented Reality Apps Development
  • IIoT Platform
    • Real-time Data Ingestion and Dashboarding
    • Complex Event Processing and Device Monitoring
    • Enterprise System Integration
    • Sasken Analytics Platform-as-a-Service
  • AI/ML Analytics
    • Data Discovery & Visualization
    • Vision/Image/Voice Analytics
    • Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) Development
  • Hardware and Software Testing
    • Comprehensive pool of testing equipment such as Satimo SG64 multi-probe system, RF circuit simulations, antenna chamber
    • Production Tester
    • RF, EPM, EMC, IOP, audio, antenna, mechanics, and environmental testing
    • Test Automation Framework


  • 360-degree engineering services from concept and design, product development to product sustenance and sourcing support
  • Focus on delivering value through Value Engineering and Global Sourcing
  • Flexible engagement and delivery models
  • Expertise with global standards, quality systems, performance testing procedures, certification and compliance requirements




Customer:Leading Automotive SOC maker

Scope Brand new IP designed for SOC going into Automotive applications...

Customer:Leading SOC makers

Scope Verification of multi-million gate SOCs with complex IPs, multip...

Customer:One of the world’s leading semiconductor companies

Scope Brand new Wireless modem IP and design from scratch No existing ...