Sasken’s strength lies in the ability to develop complete firmware and applications for a wide range of host-based and real-time operating platforms. We offer firmware development both as part of the System-on-Chip (SoC) development as well as an independent service for various customers in the Automotive, Smart Device and Wearables and Semiconductor industries.

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Sasken enables consumers to connect with technology through intuitive interface designs. We have developed turnkey design solutions across the automotive, consumer electronics and communication industry. Over the years, we have created User Interface/User Experience design for a wide range of products and services, including mobile phones, media players, televisions, set-top boxes UI, touchscreen interfaces and automotive infotainment.

  • UX consulting services
    • Design Strategy, Survey, Contextual queries, Persona Analysis
  • UX design services
    • IA, Story boarding, Prototypes, Wireframes
    • Mobile Application UX Design(iOS, Android, Windows) for smartphones and tablets
    • Hybrid and mobile web application UX design
  • UX refresh services
    • Heuristic assessment and re-design
  • Applications: 
    • App gallery, media playback, remote controller apps, content browser,  smart TV connectivity apps for smart phones/tablets, IP EPG, OTA (Over the Air) download
  • Middleware: 
    • Integration of FFMPEG, DLNA, DRM, DVB-T/S to Google TV framework. Customization and integration of various multimedia modules (2D/3D) into Google TV framework
  • Migration of embedded applications
  • Protocols and device drivers across hardware platforms
  • Wide range of operating systems and kernel versions
  • OS porting on new hardware platforms
  • Migration across middleware frameworks and API libraries
  • OS expertise spans Android, flavors of Linux, Windows and various RTOS

Sasken has over two decades of deep domain expertise in the area of embedded systems. We offer this expertise as platform enabler services to various semiconductor, handset, and device OEMs. Sasken has marquee tier-1 customers in this area with very long standing relationships.

  • Device driver development
  • Platform enabling
  • Kernel testing and other services
  • Performance optimization
  • Maintenance and support