Terminal Design and Development

Terminal Design and Development

Sasken complements satellite terminal manufacturers by bringing the critical know-how required to offer significantly smaller form factor, state-of-the-art antenna design and evolved user experience.

  • Complete Product Development
    • Product initiation to product development
    • Complete mechanic design: Ideal mechanics - showcase of 3D IDE for look and feel
    • Complete integration, System testing, Field testing and OTA testing
    • Conformance testing - Entire infrastructure setup
    • Terminal testing with the help of network simulator
  • PCB Design
    • In-house PCB design
    • High density RF integration
    • Single PCB Core module Development, Simulations - Re - usable for other products
    • Mobile PCB design with core functionality in a credit card form factor
  • RF and Antenna Design
    • RF
      • Multi-band design
      • Multi-radio integration
      • RF Block design - Transmitter, Receiver, Synthesizer
      • RF test development - Own test house for doing antenna tests
      • RF Performance testing
    • Antenna
      • Antenna design, modelling and prototyping
      • Antenna simulations and product performance evaluations
      • Antenna measurement, testing and verification - Mobile terminals, GPS devices, NFC
      • RFID, Base stations
Subhas Kamble

Subhas Kamble

Subject Matter Expert

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