Off-Highway Machines

Off-Highway Machines

Tractors, bulldozers, pavers, cranes and other heavy-duty vehicles are the backbone of the mining, construction, and agriculture industries around the world. These necessary and expensive pieces of equipment must be used to their most effective and efficient potential.

With developments in connectivity technologies and IoT, which enable data collection in remote areas, it is possible to decrease equipment downtime while improving the efficiency of these machines. IoT-powered solutions offer a host of benefits, including predictive maintenance to prevent equipment failure, increase asset reliability, improve asset health, and reduce downtime. They also allow the manufactures to explore new revenue models such as Asset-as-a-Service.

Trends in the Off-Highway Machines industry:

  • Simple & Intuitive HMI
  • Sensor & Vision Enablement
  • Interaction from Mobile Device
  • Cloud Enablement
  • Remote Control
  • Autonomous Operations
  • Asset Performance Monitoring
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Cost-Effective Operation

Do you want to:

  • Enable multi-connectivity?
  • Develop next-gen Intuitive HMI to process data from multiple sensors and cameras?
  • Get real-time usage insights to support tracking and product innovation?
  • Help your customers to move from reactive to predictive maintenance?
  • Reduce field maintenance cost with remote digital diagnostics?
  • Create new Digital revenue streams with Product-as-a-Service?

Sasken has partnered with customers across the globe and worked across the value chain from developing Telematics units and HMIs to Platform Engineering. Among other benefits, this has helped our customers shift from reactive maintenance to proactive maintenance and reduce downtime.

  • Our Capabilities:
    • Hardware Engineering
      • Mechanical Engineering
      • Electronics Engineering
      • PCB Layout Design
      • Hardware Testing
    • Embedded Engineering
      • BSP, Driver & Protocol Development
      • Platform Migration & Customized Bootloader
      • System Component Selection
      • Sustenance
    • Smart & Connected Industrial HMI
      • Intuitive UI and Robust Design
      • Platform Optimization
      • UX/UI Design
      • Mobile Application Development
    • Connectivity Enablement
      • Protocol Stack Development & Porting
      • Multiple Hardware Platforms
      • RF Design Capability
      • Short to Long Range Communication
    • Telematics Solutions
      • Platform Software
      • Modem Integration
      • TSP Middleware Integration
      • Edge Analytics
      • Telematics Testing
    • Machine Vision
      • Sensing & Control Feature development
      • Sensor/Platform Integration
      • Feature Analysis & Extraction
      • Modelling through Machine Learning
      • Inferencing Engine
    • ADAS
      • On-board Intelligence Applications
      • Connected Intelligence & Fusion Applications
      • Automated Vehicle Control Applications
    • IIoT Enablement
      • Consolidation, Migration, Applications Development and Deployment on Cloud
      • Real-time Dashboarding
      • Remote Monitoring
    • Platform Engineering Services
      • Platform and Network Support
      • Automation Continuous Operation and Support
      • DevOps Assessment and Pipeline
      • On-Premise and On-Cloud enabling technologies
      • End-to-End Analytics
  • Why Sasken
    • Deep expertise in embedded engineering and communications in heterogeneous environments with a diverse mix of legacy and new protocols
    • Telematics-based reference architecture leveraging Sasken’s legacy expertise in Semiconductor and Connectivity
    • Expertise in hardware and multi-operating system enabling end-to-end ownership-based development of the HMI sub-system
    • Flexible engagement and delivery models

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