Electronics Design

Sasken provides professional electronics design & testing services for companies that are designing products requiring excellent hardware performance. Our hardware developers draw schematics, printed circuit board and layout designs for electronics and wireless products.

Our hardware design laboratories are equipped with latest devices for R&D test and measurements. For EMC validation purposes we have EMC scanners, EMC shielded chambers for accurate RF measurements and ESD testing capabilities. Our antenna measurement laboratory includes anechoic chamber with Satimo SG64 measurement system. Thermal measurements are performed with newest IR camera technology. In our camera performance laboratory we can measure camera, display and ALS performance. Sasken combination of baseband expertise and hardware laboratory facilities offers professional services for design and testing purposes.

Sasken offers hardware expertise in the following areas:

  • Electronics design in baseband and RF areas
  • Signal integrity
  • Design for EMC
  • Schematics and PWB design
  • Component selection and update methods
  • Manufacturing support & turn-key delivery


  • Analog, digital & mixed signal design
  • System integration
  • Low power solutions
  • Embedded systems
  • User Interface hardware: displays, keypads, touch screen, cameras etc.
  • Audio and Acoustics system design
  • EMC/EMI/ESD knowledge
  • Camera electronics design
  • Design for Mobile devices
  • Thermal Design