Modern businesses must overcome obstacles like data security concerns, lack of expertise, and support for multi-platform BYOD initiatives to achieve mobility. In many cases, consumers are moving from a ‘mobile-first’ to ‘mobile-only’ solution. This will turn future mobile solutions into digital assistants and apps that leverage AI, Mixed Reality and facial recognition advancements to meet changing requirements.


User Experience
Customer centric ‘Outside-in’ experiences from first touch point Read More
Human-centric User interfaces
Leveraging innovations like voice-enabled AI and facial recognition over traditional touch Read More
Support for myriad devices, screens
Quality experience and stability on all devices, networks and platforms Read More
Savings in TTM and TCO
Faster time-to-market and reduced cost of ownership for customers Read More

We’re helping deliver:

User Experiences: Enhanced customer experiences through design thinking, customer centric approach and customer journey mapping. We use mobility as a tool to reduce pain points in a customer’s day-to-day usage and thus transform the business process

Human-centric user interfaces: Natural user interfaces such as conversational/voice interfaces, gestures, and facial recognition to deliver superior experience for application users

Support for myriad screens and devices: App development for different form factors, screen resolutions, operating system versions and device models. We provide test automation on a multitude of device models and operating system versions to ensure high quality and experience

Faster TTM and reduced TCO: Cross-platform and low-code app development platforms to increase reusability, reduce cost of development, and improve time-to-market

Business Impact

Automated Testing of Data Visualization Widgets for an American Industrial Manufacturer

Provided Test Automation of Mobile Application Suite and Ticketing System for a European Conglomerate


We help our customers in the complete lifecycle of developing and deploying B2B, B2C & B2E apps.

  • Assessment: Design Thinking led discovery, Roadmap and feature identification
  • User Experience definition
  • Architecture, design and development
    • Mobile Appl development platform selection,
    • Reusable component identification
    • Cross platform vs. native vs. Low Code App Development Platform selection
    • Premier consulting partner to Xamarin and Microsoft Partner to develop cross platform apps
  • Test Automation: Test strategy definition, Test Automation Platform selection and evaluation, Test Cases design and authoring, Device cloud-based test automation
  • Support for UAT
  • Deployment: App store submissions, Appstore Feedback analysis and incorporation, App updates for Device model/OS version upgrades



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