With rapid adoption of Digital, there is a need for a paradigm shift in the development and deployment of products and services. DevOps, as a practice, aims at integrating various departments to ensure rapid deployment of high quality and scalable software. This collaborative environment provides faster time-to-market, prompt resolutions for critical issues, and increased software reliability.

Key Imperatives for DevOps

We’re Helping Deliver

Better end user experience with faster Application Release Cycles

Increased productivity of development teams with faster provisioning of environments

High quality software releases with Continuous Integration of Build and Test Cycles

Scalable and reliable software with Continuous Operations and Insights across hybrid environments

Business Impact


We’re helping our clients across all business lines automate and rapidly deploy their needs with the following services leveraging our partnership with Microsoft Azure and AWS:

  • DevOps Assessment
    • Evaluating existing DevOps maturity including People, Process, and Technology
    • Defining DevOps Target Roadmap
    • Evaluation of DevOps tools being used
    • Defining Minimum Viable Product
    • Proof of Concepts
  • Automation
    • Build and test automation along with Continuous Integration
    • Environment provisioning and configuration
    • Application Deployment
    • Continuous Operations
    • Security Operations
  • Continuous Operation And Support
    • Microservices & APIs with Continuous Insights
    • DevOps Management
    • Cloud Operations
    • Policy Management
    • Patch Management

Tools Expertise






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