Actuating Value Creation

In this high stakes global game of digital disruption, digital transformation is impacting companies in various ways. The current paradigm stands for superior customer experiences, proactive over reactive responses, innovative problem solving and possessing foresight for smarter decisions. Data monetization and analysis are creating value and a competitive edge for various enterprises. As more and more businesses treat value creation as a better management goal versus traditional cost cutting steps, how we perceive value is changing the game forever..

Our clients are winning the global digital game through our expertise in identifying, developing and delivering true business value. We are wired towards:

  • Discovering new opportunities
  • Delivering business outcomes
  • Keeping future ready

Discovering New Opportunities

Digital disruption is empowering businesses to step away from traditional industrial practices and allowing players to keep their USPs customer centric. Sasken Digital is helping leverage and integrate multiple technologies in order to build brand new capabilities, adopt new business models and tap into new revenue streams. No longer do the largest companies win. Our clients are able to analyze their industries and competition and look into data and asset management to reinvent their go-to-market strategy. We help our clients realize this and measure organizational profitability in real time.


Delivering Business Outcomes

How much has uncertainty cost your business? Sasken removes all doubt around stalling on business decisions by empowering our clients to be leaders. We analyze, interpret, and represent business and industry data for companies to execute qualified experiments without risk. This helps our clients transform into leaders who can establish plans allowing for change.


Keeping Future Ready

While the future is digital, it is also fairly unknown. This presents its own set of possibilities and outcomes. Sasken Digital takes up the onus to keep our clients future ready. Clients are leveraging our knowledge and expertise to benefit from future ready devices, platforms and networks that are modular and help facilitate adoption of updated technology without compromise.

Seed-To-Harvest Engagement



  • An in-depth understanding of the unmet needs and requirements of the customer
  • Help define the big picture by identifying customer’s problem areas
  • Explore the ‘Art of the Possible’ in these problem areas


  • Prove the technology and use cases in the identified problem areas
  • Rapid experimentation for concept validation
  • Move to the production-ready stage for projects based on defined scope of work


  • Combine technical agility with customer’s needs at the center for great digital experience
  • Deliver and deploy flexible applications that integrate with third party systems
  • Align business functions and deliver new functionalities impacting business


  • SLA-driven managed services for support and maintenance
  • Dedicated co-engineering lab for on-going innovations
  • Accelerated continuous development to provide faster time-to-market



Empowering businesses to access rapid application delivery allowing for standardized tech synergy and re-usability.


Creating true value via better user experiences, smoother business processes and higher employee productivity


Generating actionable insights to support revenue growth and profitability


Building new business models and revenue streams leveraging Industry 4.0 technologies.


Creating holistic architecture and highly secure venues for protected information sharing


Rapidly building and delivering high quality and scalable software


Empowering businesses to access rapid application delivery allowing for standardized tech synergy and re-usability.



Sasken's services and solutions in the industrial segment aim to simplify factory data analytics and plant operations, better manage industrial assets, and help our clients make next generation industrial products that are connected and 'intelligent'.


Sasken Digital is transforming the Transportation space with intelligent and digitally enabled hardware, connected vehicles and software delivering superior customer experience.


Customer: European Road Telematics and Telecommunications Company

Scope: Sasken developed a solution for multimodal ticketing system tha...

Customer: Global leader in RFID products and IoT solutions

Scope: A product moves from the manufacturer to the consumer through v...


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