Establishing Traceability Of Product Quality And Accountability In Supply Chain

Customer: Global leader in RFID products and IoT solutions

Scope: A product moves from the manufacturer to the consumer through various stakeholders over several days. Maintaining product quality, safety and security is of paramount importance. If the product is food or sensitive pharma product, then maintaining the temperature and humidity within a certain range is essential. With various stakeholders involved, data silos are created and there is no trusted information that is available to all the stakeholders and regulators. Sasken is developing a solution to address these issues


  • Multiple stakeholders with different roles, permissions and authorizations
  • Important events and parameters logged into blockchain
  • Permissioned blockchain Quorum with smart contract written in Solidity
  • Istanbul BFT consensus mechanism used
  • Transaction data security for sensitive data exchanged between few stakeholders


  • Irrefutable events in the supply chain that is visible to authorized stakeholders
  • Authentic and near real-time data that stakeholders can rely on
  • Accountability of each entity or stakeholder in the supply chain for their responsibilities
  • Early indication of anomalies help stakeholders take immediate actions, reducing damages and cost
  • Stakeholders can plan better ahead of time as authentic data is instantly available
  • Helps industries meet strict Regulatory requirements of their operating countries
Establishing Traceability Of Product Quality And Accountability In Supply Chain

Customer:A leading semiconductor vendor providing chips for STB

Customer: Japanese Automotive Tier-1

Customer:Mobility Software Provider