Access Network Enhancement, Maintenance and IP

Access Network Enhancement, Maintenance and IP

Sasken has more than 17 years expertise working across technologies such as LTE, WCDMA, TDMA and CDMA. We have worked in RAN products as well as product components such as Call processing, OAM agent, Packet processing, Codecs, Protocol stacks, BSP, Hardware abstraction, OS abstraction, Middleware, Protocol Analyzers, Network Simulators, Traffic generators, and RF Tools across the entire product lifecycle.

  • Access Network
    • Protocol stack design and development - GSM, WCDMA, GMR2+ (Satellite), LTE network
    • Components
    • Application interface - Feature addition, release upgrade, platform migration and performance optimization
    • Lab testing, IOT testing, OTA and field testing
    • Certification and operator acceptance testing
    • Product sustenance ownership
    • Telephony RIL integration
  • Software Customization
    • Terminal development using in-house custom tools and frameworks like SAF
      • Sasken IP customization
        • Design and development of standards and propriety IPs
        • GMR-1, GMR-2, Gen 1,2,3, BGAN - Broadband Global Areas Network, proprietary GMR2-P
Subhas Kamble

Subhas Kamble

Subject Matter Expert

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