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Subhas Kamble

Subject Matter Expert


Cellular, Public Safety, Satellite, Networks, Operators, and Test & Measureme

Subhas’ areas of focus include anchoring solutions based on latest cellular technologies which are re-used across multiple industries segments such as terrestrial, satellite, public safety, railways, industrials, and automotive. He has played a significant role in the world’s first 3G satellite terminal product development. He addresses key offerings for NEMs, Operators, and Test & Measurement customers to achieve the diversity in their product lines. Subhas helps customers and their end customers achieve greater degree of success through very unique and innovative offerings and solutions that meet competitive requirements such as power efficiency, long battery life and quality. His experience of over 17 years, spans across Cellular, Satellite, Public safety, NEMS, Test & Measurement, and Operators industries with expertise in hardware, software and product development.



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20 June

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