Android Services

Android is a part of various devices today, such as smart phones, tablets, enterprise grade devices, kiosk devices, point-of-sale devices, AR/VR devices, etc. Due to the fast evolution of Android, device OEMs face challenges like ensuring that their devices are up-to-date with the latest versions of Android. Along with this, they also have to ensure that their devices have the latest hardware in order to make complete use of the features that the newer versions enable because the presence of older hardware in devices can compromise the device's overall performance. For example, some of the new features of Wi-Fi like WPA3 and Enhanced Open need upgraded hardware. Hence, a major challenge that OEMs go through is getting the latest product to the market with the latest Android version in time.

All these challenges prove to be much bigger in enterprise grade devices and Automotive Infotainment systems because of longer product life. Such devices with longer product life need more upgrades than consumer smartphones.

For over a decade, Sasken’s expertise in end-to-end product development including New Product Introduction, Maintenance and Security has enabled our customers in Consumer Electronics, Industrials and Automotive to develop smartphones, mobile computers, infotainment systems and rapidly launch next-gen products. 

Sasken has over 20 years of experience in Linux and Android and has successfully enabled the shipment of over 100 million devices for customers. Sasken has played a crucial role in delivering R&D services to port various versions of Android on leading chipset platforms in the market today.


  • New Product Development
    • Bring up of Android on OEM custom hardware
    • Feature development
    • Customize Android based on product needs
    • Application development
    • Productization
    • Operator Pre-certification and certification
    • Google certification
    • Device management (OTA support)
    • Android Enterprise Recommended programme
  • Upgrade (Lead and Derivative)
    • Impact analysis of features on OEM devices due to changes in new version of Android
    • Bring up of new version of Android on OEM custom hardware
    • Migration to new version of Kernel as per Google mandate
    • Productization
    • Operator Pre-certification and certification
    • Google certification
    • Device Management (OTA support)
  • Maintenance
  • Testing and Automation
    • Manual testing
    • Test automation using KenTest (Sasken test automation framework)