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“These are very challenging times, not only for the Automotive industry, but for the world. Unforeseen crisis can come out of nowhere and success or failure will be decided by how well we adjust and adapt. I've been impressed, thus far, by Sasken’s willingness to assist in the adaptations, both technical and otherwise, which are necessary to not only survive this, but to be successful. I look forward to a continued association with Sasken towards that end.”

Software Engineering Manager, Continental Automotive Systems

Project Description

Sasken provides Telematics Platform Software Development, Integration, and Productization services to Continental. Recently, Continental leveraged Sasken’s System Software and Modem Integration expertise in the productization of their 4G LTE-based Telematics products. Sasken is also collaborating with Continental in developing next-gen Telematics/NAD products, based on 5G.

Bhavesh Mistry shares his experience of working with Sasken and how Sasken and Ring Automotive are together solving some challenging problems for customers in providing mobility and IoT solutions for their products, leading to new business opportunities.

Bhavesh Mistry Digitization Manager and Product Owner at Ring Automotive

Designing with a new processor and incomplete documentation was a challenge for all of us. Looking back, I’m really impressed and happy how well our co-operation worked, even when things got difficult.

Horst TheileSenior Manager-Electrical Engineering

Project Description

By leveraging its Product Engineering expertise, Sasken provided Hardware and Embedded Software design and development services for Cognex’s machine vision products. Sasken was involved in the architecture, component selection, schematics, PCB design, layout, build, BSP bring up, device drivers, feature enablement and testing of the imaging engine.

Dinesh Dhamija shares his experience of working with Sasken. He explains how the Smartrac-Sasken partnership helped solve some challenging problems for their customers leading to new business opportunities and that he values Sasken as a long-term, strategic partner in Smartrac’s journey.

Dinesh DhamijaSmartrac’s Chief TechnologyOfficer and Member of the Management Board

Manabu Takeuchi shares his experience of collaborating with Sasken. He explains how Armis leveraged Sasken’s Digital technologies like IoT, Digital Platform, and Mobility, to build precision vehicle inventory tracking systems for their customers who are leading Japanese car OEMs. He values the support provided by Sasken and looks forward to a long association with us.

Manabu TakeuchiPresident, Armis Corporation

Sasken has been working with us in the areas of end-to-end support for phone/field testing for Sony handsets. Their capability of delving into all aspects of testing including new features like VoLTE, Voice over Wi-Fi, carrier aggregation, and complying with testing regulations of operators was commendable. They also helped Sony take measures to check the quality and performance of their handsets which made the commercial launch of the handset smoother across the AMEA region. We are extremely satisfied with their well-timed support, expertise, and skill set that they put forth.

Mike Lin,Manager

Project Description

Sasken has successfully leveraged its capabilities by providing end-to-end support for phone testing/field testing for Sony’s handsets. Sasken was deeply involved with all the aspects of development including voiceover, carrier aggregation and complying with testing regulations.