Accelerating time-to-market and optimally managing entire product lifecycle across multiple chipset platforms


Semiconductors have been instrumental in revolutionizing the creation of new products on the one hand, and on the other to ensure its benefits reach to the masses. Today, semiconductors power every product from the common place to the complex.

Semiconductors have become sophisticated platforms that enable rapid product development that are catalyzing disruption. Semiconductor vendors must devise ways to obtain the expertise to manage complex software that changes much faster than the underlying silicon platforms.

Sasken provides, its customers, the ability to integrate third-party solutions and perform extensive testing of the final product to ensure a zero-defect launch.

Business Impact

Next-Gen automotive chipsets

Enabling NA automotive chipset manufacturer launch Next-Gen automotive chipsets compliant with MISRA C standards

Smart home gateways

Enabled low power chipset vendor in developing chipsets and software stack for wearables and IoT devices including end devices and smart home gateways

World’s top semiconductor vendor

“Preferred partner” of choice for the world’s top semiconductor vendor in enhancing their 2G,3G and 4G connectivity stacks

Supporting various chipset vendors in porting operating systems

Supporting various chipset vendors in porting operating systems (Linux, Android, Windows) on their new chipsets and upgrading to new versions on their legacy and nearing-end-of-life chipsets

low footprint and low CPU intensive car radio systems

Developed a low footprint and low CPU intensive car radio system (FreeRTOS) to help chipset vendor demonstrate chipset capability to win customers

Enabled STB chipset vendor

Enabled STB chipset vendor to build software stack based on Linux and Android. This has been used to demonstrate their chipset capabilities and build STB product

Helped FPGA chipset vendor in developing Linux/Baremetal drivers

Helped FPGA chipset vendor in developing Linux/Baremetal drivers for video post processing and peripheral drivers

Audio Firmware, LTE modem integration, Application Development

Supported various chipsets vendors on Windows (WinCE, WEH 6.5, WinMobile, Windows 8, Windows 10) in Audio Firmware, LTE modem integration, Application Development

Enabled first GSMA accreditation on Orange Networks

Enabled launch of 1st Android Rugged device for 3 NA Operators by closely working with chipset vendors on behalf of OEM. Enabled first GSMA accreditation on Orange Networks

IC Design

Leading-edge IP Development using 10 nm and 14 nm processors/FinFET technology.

Hardware Design

Multi-layer Analog/RF/High Speed Digital, Mixed signal and High Power PCBs boards

Platform and Application Software

Post-diagnostics, boot code, board support packages (BSPs) and device drivers

Silicon Verification and Validation

Verification and pre/post validation with over 2500+ man years of expertise in IC design

Modem Chipset Development

Providing multi-level maintenance support for modem chipsets

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Sasken has established a strong competence in 3G device certification and testing, and we look forward to the benefits this lab will provide our customers.

Michael Warlick,VP Engineering, Qualcomm

Customer Speak Texas Instruments

Our experience in working with Sasken has been excellent. The team is highly competent and professional, and the programs have been managed end-to-end in a timely manner. The end customers’ needs and requirements have always shaped the engagements.

Tom Kelly,Director – Software Partner Network, TI


We are pleased with the capability and commitment demonstrated by Sasken in developing a high quality robust handheld for our satellite phone portfolio. Sasken has been a reliable partner to us for over a decade; supporting us in delivering products and services that exceed the expectations of our customers around the world.

Ronald Spithout, President, Inmarsat Enterprise

Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments has employed the contract services of Sasken for several years now, and for good reason.  The expertise, positive attitude, and willingness to go the extra mile for the team are a hallmark of all the Sasken contractors. TI has employed many contractors from a variety of companies, but only the relationship with Sasken has stood the test of time.  They are a team that I can rely on to get the job done no matter what the situation.  It has been my pleasure to work with Sasken and I look forward to a long and productive working relationship in the years to come.

Ken Rabold,Windows Engineering Manager, Texas Instruments