Enabling leading semiconductor vendor go-to-market quicker with their STB chips

Customer:A leading semiconductor vendor providing chips for STB


  • The chip vendor has a reference design that had to be customized to the needs of STB manufacturer. The solution had to undergo productization to meet the quality criteria for production


  • Linux kernel 2.6.34
  • Android upgrade from ICS to JB (including migrating customizations) on various STB hardware.
  • Development, customization & enhancement of Gstreamer plugins for VP8,MPEG-4, H.263,H.264 codecs,
  • Ddevelopment/Integration of various steaming protocols like HLS,MPEG-DASH, RTSP
  • Migration of DVB stack, EPG, Browser
  • Porting & Performance optimization of Mesa3D library integrated over 2D GFX engine on Entropic SOC
  • Development of test harness


Successfully launched in market through various MSOs

STB chips

Customer: North American Automotive Tier-1

Customer: Japanese Automotive Tier-1

Customer:Tier 1 European Telecommunications Service Provider