Sasken's Brand Story



Sasken’s Brand Story: Pursuit of Excellence

Change happens when it’s time to discover new horizons, to go where you’ve never gone before. With every change, come bigger opportunities and the ability to reinvent oneself.

As technology moves forward, expands, and evolves, it changes the way we experience life. It takes only a slight change in perspective to completely alter the way we perceive things.

At Sasken, we revel in the spirit of innovation and discovery – of the seeking the unexplored. We leverage our strengths to build capabilities that present an advantage to our business and customers. We seek to abandon limited perspectives and set business goals that facilitate growth and learning. But not before we have defined the path that takes us there. A path carved by honoring our commitment of delivering the best technology to our customers, and investing in innovation as well as continuous learning.

To us, this is the pursuit of excellence.

Sasken’s Brand Identity

Our new logo is an amalgamation of the symbol for Air and the three distinct values that define Sasken – World-Class, Intellectual Integrity, and Tech First. A single beam within the triangle breaks into a burst of energy, signifying the diversification and the march forward towards our vision. The geometry of the logo and choice of colors have been carefully chosen to reflect our heritage and dependability that spans almost three decades.