30+ years of expertise in telecommunications with 3GPP technology experience in 2G/3G/4G/5G  



Latest GSMA reports state that the telecom industry will be worth $45 billion by 2025 with an estimated 1.8 billion 5G connections by 2025. The telecom industry is expected to spend $1.1 trillion on capital expenditure between 2020 and 2025, and approximately 80% of this will be on enabling 5G networks. The average data consumption will see a sharp increase of 273% from 7.5 GB per month in 2019 to 28 GB per month by 2025, fuelled mainly by AR/VR, 4K/8K video streaming, and 360-degree videos.

Operators are increasingly seeking ways to cut costs in a challenging business environment, which is made more complicated by the demanding requirements of 5G services (i.e. high speed, low latency and ultra-reliability). Leveraging innovations such as virtual RAN, Edge Networking, and Network Automation, operators are working on upgrading their networks to meet the demands of the 5G era. With several smart city and connected living initiatives taking off around the world, telecom operators are also working to increase revenue from digital services like media/entertainment, advertising, IoT, professional and managed services, etc.

Sasken has been working on 3GPP cellular technology for over 25 years with several marquee customers such as Modem SoC makers, Network Equipment makers, Operators, Test Equipment makers, and device makers. Our expertise in the Telecom sector spans the entire value chain and we have helped several of our customers improve their time to market and address cost pressures.

With a deep expertise in the latest LTE and 5G wireless technologies, Sasken provides conceptualization, development, testing, and maintenance services that make us the ideal partner for catalyzing your 5G aspirations.


Business Impact

Tier-1 Network Equipment manufacturer: Development of 4G and 5G vRAN along with development and validation of O-RAN interfaces

Tier-1 Modem SoC makers: Protocol stack (Layers 1 through 4) development and maintenance

Tier-1 Test Equipment maker: Development and validation of GCF/PTCRB, Operator Test cases, and Test Frameworks

Proof of Concept: Developed 5G UE protocol stack with validation for over 40 3GPP test cases

Tier-1 global system integrator and supplier of mission-critical network solutions: Developed virtual base station controller for GSM-R and built a GSM-R Wireless Access Network based on Intel COTS Rack Mounted server



Leverage Sasken’s expertise spanning 25 years across technologies such as 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G, GSM-R and GMR2P


Providing multi-level software development and maintenance services for modem chipsets



Customer: US-based Network Equipment Manufacturer

Scope: The customer enlisted Sasken’s help in vRAN Development & T...

Customer: Tier-1 global system integrator and supplier of mission-critical network solutions

Scope: Make the GSM-R wireless Access Network portfolio hardware agnos...

Customer: Leading South Korean Device Manufacturer

Scope: Customer enlisted Sasken’s help with Carrier Acceptance and Int...

Customer: Tier-1 Test and Measurement Equipment Manufacturer serving US and China markets

Scope: Develop MNO test cases to verify UE compliance with the network...