Enabled customer to launch 100+ devices with timely Carrier Acceptance and Interoperability Testing

Customer: Leading South Korean Device Manufacturer


Customer enlisted Sasken’s help with Carrier Acceptance and Interoperability Testing for 5G Devices.


  • Technology
    • Band 5 IntraBand CA, 4x4 MIMO, Band 66 CA, EVS, LAA
    • MDT, Uplink 64 QAM, VoLTE roaming, 256 QAM, eMPS, SCM
    • SCM (Supl sig), E911 (ePDG & Geolocation) ​
    • E911 Fail TMR, LPPe, Inter-frequency OTDA ​
    • hVOLTE, VoWiFi LC (1x Thx changed to 0db) ​
    • VoLTE roaming (IMS roaming, VoWi-Fi)
    • RTT, LAA, Cat M1​
  • Supported 100+ new devices: Launch and Maintenance Releases for IOT/Lab conformance/Trial support across all NA carriers (1005+ issues resolved)
  • Commercialization of ~27 new technologies across NA carriers​
  • 31 new technology trials across NA Operators​
  • Operators’​ requirements and Test plan updates for all new features & legacy features
  • Worked closely with Customer R&D for Software readiness, issue fixes, requirement reviews, waiver reviews
  • Worked closely with Carrier SMEs on requirement reviews and involved in trials to evaluate readiness of Network before commercialization


Sasken solved over 1000 issues and enabled the customer with the launch and maintenance of 100+ new devices in the North American market.

Customer: North American and European Network Equipment Manufacturer

Customer: Tier-1 North American Semiconductor Vendor

Customer: US-based Network Equipment Manufacturer