The convergence of medium and long-range communication technologies is being fueled by customer expectations and rapid innovation in the Automotive industry. With 5G becoming more prevalent, it will have a significant impact on the way vehicles will communicate in the near future. With different countries following diverse safety regulations and V2X technologies, Automotive manufacturers are therefore challenged to respond more quickly to a larger number of applications, and shorten development cycles, while retaining quality and keeping their overall investment under control.

Sasken enables Automotive OEMs & Tier-1s by providing solutions that support rich, connected in-car experiences, while also connecting vehicles to one another, pedestrians, road infrastructure, and the cloud. Our software services for Telematics-based products with cost-competitive solutions provide superior communications technologies and platform development capabilities for infotainment, telematics and ADAS systems to tens of millions of connected vehicles on the road today. We offer consumers Smart Mobility services with more ownership of content in cognizant to cloud and enterprise scale applications. We are at the forefront, offering niche System Integration services to OEMs, Tier-1s, OBU, and RSU vendors globally. Sasken is extending current generation of connected cars to V2X-compliant safety applications by integrating V2X in Telematics Control Units.

Trends Implications Challenges Sasken is Solving

Cellular technology to have unified road map with C-V2X

Need to develop C-V2X applications in the telematics box

Addressing Homologation and performance issues, meeting regulatory goals

Emergence of 5G Connectivity

  • OTA updates
  • Accelerating development of Connected Intelligence Applications

Creating 5G Telematics reference designs addressing antenna design challenges

Uninterrupted Connected Car experience

Developing reliable multi-modem configurations

Developing such configurations managing multiple network sessions

Increase in Cybersecurity Threats

Need to secure all channels and interfaces in the vehicle

Testing and designing a multi-layered security model

Customers expects to be always connected and in control

Unified software framework for connected car applications

Enhancing Telematics module features, backed with cloud infrastructure

Increase in Connectivity technology choices

Need to support different connectivity technologies

Addressing severe Antenna and RF design issues

Emergence of smart Telematics Gateways

Secure and smart wireless connectivity to and from the vehicle

Designing a gateway on high performance compute for various in-vehicle network

Geography linked e-Call standards

Lack of one standard means more effort for certifications

Mitigating deployment and time-to-market risks


End-to-End turnkey solutions for Advanced Telematics System development

  • Platform Software Development
  • Firmware update & communication, Telematics Application engine
  • Multi-modem integration for reliable communication and carrier aggregation in 3G/4G/LTE/5G
  • TSP Middleware Integration & Protocol Integration
  • Implementation of Secure boot, Secure communication, Security in Vehicle networks
  • Aftermarket solutions like LTE-based OBD-II dongle
  • Telematics Testing: Connectivity Testing, Field Testing, GPS & Navigation Testing, Test Solution Development, Application Testing, FOTA Testing, Product Feature Validation & Performance Testing (Stability, Memory, Vehicle Testing – delivering real-time analytics on the node)
  • Pre-certification and certification support
  • System Integration services for V2X technologies
    • Application Processor, Modem Migration
    • Modem Integration: DSRC & C-V2X
    • Peripherals Integration: GPS/GNSS (with DR), CAN/Vehicle Network
    • ITS Safety Applications
    • Security: HSM, Sandboxing, Key management
    • RSU specific feature integration: Backhaul connectivity, Traffic Management System
  • Hardware Design Services
    • Validation Feasibility Studies, Reference Design Development, Component Selection, Board Design, Form Factor Design, BOM Optimization
    • Antenna Design and Tuning
    • User Interface and Industrial Design
    • Mechanical Engineering
  • Smart Mobility and Connected Car Services
    • Mobile and Web app development for Connected Car, UI/UX development
    • Big Data & Analytics for Smart Mobility: Machine Learning, Predictive Maintenance, Vehicle Health Check, Driver Behaviour Analysis, Fleet Management
    • Cloud-based data ingestion, storage, analytics pipeline, Web app, Data Sharing API & monetization, App Management, Device Management, Content Management
    • Vehicle Tracking and Diagnostics, Route Optimization
    • Multi-modal transport, RTPI, MaaS service enablement
    • Connected-Car Applications: Geo-fencing, Usage-based Insurance, Personalization, smart reasoning assistance, V2X, driver profiling, vehicle health/diagnostics, dashboarding, parental controls, connected navigation/ POI and Car-as-a-service

System Architecture of Sasken’s Telematics Solution



  • 30+ years of communication experience and in long range communication technologies including 5G expertise
  • Global Engineering Customer Support Partner and exclusive V2X system integration partner to Qualcomm
  • Ecosystem relationships with chipset vendors, third party software stack providers, industry consortiums, global test houses, and operators
  • Turn-key Advanced Telematics device development experience, having deployed across various geographies meeting operator certification requirements
  • Licensable frameworks and assets in 2G, 3G with experience in multiple production programs in LTE & LTE-A



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