Enabling Customer Identify Counterfeits And Protect Revenues For High Value Goods

Customer:Global leader in RFID products and IoT solutions

Scope: Sasken developed smartphone app suite for Android & iOS to help the consumers to identify counterfeits before they make an instore purchase.


  • Application uses the NFC reader interface of Android and iOS.
  • Consumers can tap the smartphone against a smart product enabled with NFC tag to check the product authenticity.
  • Application L&F easily customizable for new brands
  • Supports features such as Product locker, my profile, Offers

Impact: Smartphone application suite that can be easily customized by customer’s customer (i.e. brands) for their use cases.

  • Helps a brand to protect its revenues
High Value Goods

Customer:A Leading Telecom Carrier in Europe

Customer:World’s leading FMCG brand

Customer:Niche Silicon Valley startup that provides indoor and urban location services