Smartphone Based Usage Based Insurance (UBI) Solution

Sasken Solution


  • Development of end-to-end solution including smartphone client, telematics platform and portal to collect, analyze and record driving patterns and score drivers.


  • Enables usage of a smart phone sensors to collect driving data
  • Uses statistical methods – smoothing, low pass filters, noise reduction for event detection (hard braking, hard acceleration, cornering) and scoring
  • Supports Telematics data platform and portal
  • Integrated with underwriter systems
  • Overall dashboard for all registered drivers
  • Score and trip reporting for recorded trips
  • Recording of trip parameters of hard barking, hard acceleration, cornering, etc.


  • Helps the insurance carriers to better assess the risk of the drivers
  • Cost effective, eliminates the need for a hardware OBD dongle
Smartphone Based Usage Based Insurance (UBI) Solution

Customer: North American Automotive Tier-1

Customer: North American Automotive OEM

Customer: Leading Japanese Automotive Tier-1