Helping a leading Sports Brand leverage Digital to connect with end consumer

Customer:A Leading Manufacturer Of RFID/NFC inlays


Sasken is a system integration partner to the customer and is helping them extend their platform. Customer has developed a cloud-based IoT platform to map physical objects into the digital realm. The highly scalable and high availability platform supports a object repository for  businesses to capture, organize and act upon all types of data from always-on sensors, smart devices and existing back-office systems & supports defining work flows. The platform can handle millions of objects leveraging a highly scalable cloud PaaS and multi-tenant architecture. This IoT platform allows businesses to render a broad variety of physical objects ‘smart’ by embedding tags and enabling them to identify, authenticate, track and complement their products digitally.


Sasken’s customer is a strategic partner to a leading shoe brand in their initiative to connect with the end consumer digitally. The pilot use case for this digital enablement is an ‘authenticity check’ –

  • To start with, custom NFC tags are encoded with sports brand specific URLs and authentication codes and shipped to the shoe manufacturing facility.
  • These NFC tags are embedded in the sports shoes at production line, and this mapping of physical information (SKU specific) to digital information (Tag specific) is stored in the cloud-based IoT platform.


This ultimately enables the end consumer to connect with the shoes via a smartphone and mobile app, thus a variety of personalized experiences can be delivered by the shoe brand.

Helping a leading Sports Brand leverage Digital to connect with end consumer

Customer:World’s leading RFID inlay manufacturer

Customer:Niche Silicon Valley startup that provides indoor and urban location services