Digital Testing

Digital projects require that products and platforms are launched in the market with short time to market, updates are provided continuously without compromise on the quality. Quality assurance in such projects is challenging to meet high expectations of business, reduce cost of quality and leverage test automation to enable continuous testing.

In addition, development approach in digital transformation projects is changing in many aspects:

  • Agile development methodology is used to increase flexibility, adaptability to change and incremental releases. Hence testing need to be incremental, iterative and hand-in-glove with development.
  • Data projects are increasingly leveraging Analytics, AI & ML methods and big data platforms. Testing methodologies need to accommodate model performance testing, fine tuning and performance testing of big data platforms.
  • Customers develop open, connected digital platforms leveraging micro-services and APIs. Verification of easy integration, usability, reliability and security are essential to verifying such platforms.
  • Applications will be used on a diverse set of devices by end users. Verification on a representative sample set of devices, operating systems, form factors, screen resolutions and browsers are essential to ensure user experience.

Key Imperatives for Digital Testing

Functional know-how
Thorough proficiency of business requirements and technical aspects of products delivered Read More
Ensuring bias free opinions to provide high quality products Read More
Right-Fit Technology and Tools
Adoption of right fit tools, technologies for test automation to achieve higher test automation coverage. Read More

Shifts In Software Development

Screenshot 2022-03-10 115423
  • Process of model building
  • Feature testing
  • Data Integrity testing
  • Model hyperparameters
Screenshot 2022-03-10 115423
  • Chaos Testing
  • Hybrid cloud testing
  • Infrastructure as Code testing
Screenshot 2022-03-10 115423
  • Testing for fungibility and reusability
  • Integration of core business functionalities with third party applications
Big Data and Warehouse
Screenshot 2022-03-10 115423
Artificial Intelligence
  • From user management to device management
  • From user security to device security
  • Offline being the new norm
Screenshot 2022-03-10 115423
  • Hand in glove testing with development team
  • Sprint wise iterative testing to improve overall quality with user feedback
  • Flexible, allowing changes in requirements even after initial planning

We’re helping deliver:

Continuous quality: Selection of best fit tools, technologies for test automation for continuous testing.

Improved quality: Reduce defect leakage and defect density by shift left verification and detecting defects early in development cycle.

Optimized release test cycles: Ensuring prompt releases of high quality products to production.

Business Impact

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We’re helping our customers with end-to-end testing services in the following areas:


  • Assessment of QA Processes, Technologies and Tools
  • Best Practices Recommendations
  • Test Centre of Excellence

Test categories covered

  • Unit Testing, Functional Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Automation Testing, Performance Testing, Security Testing


  • IoT Testing
    • Edge Testing
    • Device Simulation
    • Platform and API Testing
    • Data Testing
    • IoT Application Testing
  • Data Testing
    • Testing for ETL & Data Migration
    • Testing of Data discovery & Reporting solutions
    • Big Data Platform Testing
    • Analytics, AI & ML Model Testing
  • API Testing
    • Testing end-to-end API workflows
    • Usability Testing
    • Functionality Testing
    • Reliability Testing
    • Performance Testing
    • Security Testing
  • Mobile and Web Application Testing
    • Mobile Application testing on multiple handset models, Operating Systems, form factors
    • Device cloud assessment and selection
    • Web application testing for cross browser compatibility, multiple form factors
    • Application performance & security testing


IoT Testing

Verification of IoT solutions from Edge gateways to IoT Platforms and applications

Data Testing

Verification of AI/ML Models, data pipelines, big data platforms, data migration

Application Test Automation

Verification of mobile and web applications for device diversity

API Testing

Validating usability, functionality, reliability, and security of APIs in their performance

Functional Testing

Ensuring applications perform according to the functional requirements

Performance Testing

Testing under load for scalability, reliability, and response time

Test Automation

Test automation pyramid for UI, API and Services Testing

Testing for Agile Projects

Incremental, iterative testing hand in glove with Agile software development



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