Modem Software Development

Modem Software Development

Sasken has been at the helm of providing technologies that have enabled global telecom leaders to build cutting edge solutions over the last two decades. Sasken’s experience in terrestrial communication – from wireline technologies to the latest wireless technologies of LTE and 5G – has enabled global leaders to build cutting-edge solutions over the last two decades. The company was the first to market 3G wireless protocol stack component system with simultaneous voice and browsing capabilities and demonstrated 2G and 3G protocol stack components in early 2000. Currently, Sasken provides embedded engineering for modem in design and development of new technologies, 5G and Advanced LTE, multi-level enhancement and maintenance support engagement for existing technologies and platforms for an entire range of modems from 2G to 4G for semiconductor companies.

Our modem technologies expertise spans terrestrial, public safety, railways and satellite segments technologies of 5G, LTE , WCDMA, TD-SCDMA and GMR1/GMR2-3G, GSM/GPRS/Edge, TETRA, DMR, and GSM-R.

  • New Platforms Introductions
    • L1 FW and Algorithms, Protocol Stack (L2, L3) and L4 for multi-modem platforms consisting of 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G technologies
    • Porting of 2G, 3G, 4G on to new 5G Tri-mode platforms
    • Testing ownership for Development, System Integration and System Testing, Pre-Certifications
    • Certifications (GCF/PTCRB, LAB, NV-IOT, Operator LAB and Field Testing)
    • Primary/Derivative HW Reference Designs for product validation, development environment testing, pre-certifications and certifications, and customer demo
    • Hardware Development Kit and Software Development Kit for OEMs
  • Customer Product Engineering (Enhancement/Maintenance/Customer Support)
    • Complete platform software maintenance for board support and engineering
    • Ownership of platform maintenance for L1 FW, protocol stack and customer interface layers
    • Feature enhancements to support new services and 3GPP change requests
    • Automation of test methods to improve validation and productization support
    • Test coverage improvement and continuous validation
    • Bug fix and customer support
  • Derivative Platforms
    • New feature additions
    • Deriving new platforms from main platform to address adjacent segments
    • Reference design for derivative platforms for certifications and customer demo
    • Hardware Development Kit and Software Development Kit for OEMs
    • Validation and Productization support
    • Customer engineering support/maintenance

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