Reduced hardware requirements by up to 80% with virtual Base Station Controller for GSM-R

Customer: Tier-1 global system integrator and supplier of mission-critical network solutions


  • Make the GSM-R wireless Access Network portfolio hardware agnostic based on Intel COTS Rack Mounted server
  • Base Station Controller product must support IP backhaul and thus help operators to reduce their infrastructure investments


Sasken was involved in the following:

  • Architectural design and development of the Base Station Controller software as a virtual network function (VNF)
    • Architectural design phase considered the legacy blade software as virtual blade/machine to minimize the risk and a design effort
  • Introduction of the A over IP interface as per 3GPP specification
  • Provided the software and hardware redundancy to achieve high availability
  • Replaced the TDM based backhaul with IP based backhaul by replacing LAPD with SCTP, SS7 SIGTRAN (SS7oIP) for signaling &TRAU with RTP for user plane


  • Virtualized Base Station Controller with flexible and efficient deployment options
  • Reduced hardware requirements by up to 80%
  • Geo-redundancy features were enabled naturally

Customer: Tier-1 Network Equipment Manufacturer

Customer: German and Middle-Eastern Telecom Providers

Customer: North American and European Network Equipment Manufacturer