Android-based IVI productization for UK-based Tier-1

Customer: Leading UK-based Tier-1

Scope: Customer was developing an Android-based IVI solution for use in trucks. The project had stringent timelines and the existing supplier could not deliver the product to the required quality.


Sasken was involved in gap analysis, productization of existing software, and enhancing the same with missing features including feature testing and performance benchmarking and optimizations.

  • Applications & Features:
    • Bluetooth: Integrating BT stack, BT settings (scan, pairing, connecting), UX design & development
    • Wi-Fi: Enabling Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi Tethering, WPS, PBC
    • Home Screen: Status, Notification icons customization
    • Phone App: Enabled calls (HFP Client), Contacts, DDA support, UX design and development
    • Messaging: Downloading, Text-to-Speech, User operations
    • Weather Information service: Interfacing with J1939 stack to get weather details and display
    • Audio App: Wi-Fi audio streaming (DLNA), Auto echo cancellation, Volume management, Audio source switching (supporting AUX IN, DLNA, USB, CD, BT)
  • Other IVI features:
    • Camera integration (4 cameras)
    • Integration with Main board where iPOD manager, Audio tuner, SiriusXM was running
    • OTA update
    • Power moding
    • Enabling services for display and illumination


Sasken’s expertise enabled customer to recover from the program and launch the solution within the deadlines specified by the OEM

Android-based IVI productization for UK-based Tier-1

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