Integrated Cockpit

Integrated Cockpit

Due to the convergence of in-vehicle and consumer communications technologies, the need for connected infotainment in vehicles is growing at a rapid pace. This is coupled with inflated customer expectations and constant innovation in the personal electronics industry which is making automakers race to launch the best possible connected infotainment platforms to attract buyers. Additionally, multimodal IVI system interactions (touch, voice, gestures, etc.), the need for IVI personal assistants like Alexa and Google, proliferation of ECUs, and the exponential increase in complexity of cockpit design in passenger cars will pose challenges in the near future.

For 13+ years, Sasken has played a pivotal role in developing Linux, AGL & Android based IVI Systems for multiple Tier-1s and OEMs. Sasken leads the Automotive Linux and Android space due to its unmatched experience with Android frameworks gained through technology focused production programs, proof of concept projects, and the company’s close association with leading silicon partners, Linux Foundation, and Google in the automotive domain.

  Trends   Implications   Challenges Sasken is Solving
  Customer expecting rich user experience  
HMI needs to be developed to provide differentiated user experience
Seamless and unified UX across multiple displays
  Providing feature-rich user experience at low cost points
  Open-source adoption  
Automotive Grade Linux
Automotive Android
  Developing cockpit systems with open-source software ensuring safety and integrity
  Demand for Driver Safety  
L1 ADAS and V2X warnings on cockpit with minimal driver distraction
Unobtrusive cockpit design with multimodal interactions
  Developing a cockpit with smart alert management system and voice/gesture-based controls
  Increase in number of ECUs and complexity leading to increased R&D costs and chances of failures  
Need to consolidate ECUs using a high-performance computing platform
  Ensuring isolation and precise resource allocation for safety-critical functions in consolidation of mixed-criticality functions
  5G enabling low latency and high bandwidth connectivity  
Enabling Cloud Analytics
OTA updates and security patches
  Improving and developing connected car features leveraging low latency and high bandwidth
  Digitalization of cluster  
Need to develop a hybrid cluster with extended contents
  Meeting stringent performance and safety goals with extended cluster
  Increase in Cybersecurity threats  
Ensuring zero/minimal threats through a robust development process
  Threat modelling and designing multi-layered security architecture
  Cockpit Personalization  
Enabling multi-user use cases
Providing insights and recommendations
  Learning about the occupants, surroundings and transferring digital persona
  • Solution Offerings
    • Platforms: GENIVI Linux, AGL, QNX, Android on various chipsets
    • Connectivity: SDL, CarPlay, CarLife, Android Auto, Mirrorlink, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, USB, 3G/4G/LTE/5G
    • Location & Context: Contextual Navigation, PoI, UBI
    • Integrated Cockpit System: Guest VMs bring-up, Virtualizing various peripherals
    • User Experience/HMI, Personalization though Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning based on customer behavior, 3D rendering and Rapid UX prototyping
    • Mobility and Applications such as High Precision Vehicle Tracking, Specialized apps for head unit, Native/Hybrid Consumer apps
    • Virtual Assistants, IVI Analytics, Integration of Third Party Software Components (Navigation, Satellite Radio, OTA, etc.)
    • IVI test Automation suite
    • Development of advanced cluster, HUD including AUTOSAR, 3D support, animations and effects with maturity level based on IEC 61508, ISO 26262 and ASPICE
      • Traditional Cluster with Mechanical Gauges, Telltale
      • Dual processor with Dot Matrix, Segmented or full color LCD display
      • Multi core Processor with Cluster on Safe Partition
    • BOM Optimization for lower tier products
    • Security Patch Management
    • Validation, Productization and Test Automation
  • Why Sasken
    • One of the first companies to productize the world’s first Android IVI program in 2012 when Android was still unknown in Automotive market
    • More than 3000 person years of expertise in Android and Linux with long-standing relationships with Google, Qualcomm, Intel, Renesas, and TI
    • More than 3 million vehicles worldwide shipped with Sasken’s IVI products like Linux-based IVI Framework and Multimedia Codecs
    • Ecosystem relationships with chipset vendors, manufacturing partners, third party software vendors, and industry consortiums
    • Strong technical team with expertise in different segments of Automotive Instrument cluster ranging from Traditional and Digital Cluster to Cluster in Integrated Cockpit

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