Developed AUTOSAR-based Phone-as-a-Key (PaaK) Solution compatible with 41 different models

Customer: Japanese Automotive Tier-1


Customer wanted to develop a solution that will enable the driver to use his smartphone-based application as a passive key to access vehicle functions such as Door Lock/Unlock, etc. This solution was targeted towards various OEMs with different product lines.


  • Sasken was involved in supporting the customer with the following:
    • Supporting design and development of application software components: Pairing, Localization manager, Connection management, Advanced encryption, etc.
    • AUTOSAR: Configuration of BSW layer, RTE, Application with DaVinci Configurator and Developer as the vehicle interface processor is connected to BLE module that interfaces with the phone
    • Integration and modification/customization of third-party software as Boot loader, HSM firmware and driver
    • Design, development, and integration of secure boot and boot updater features
    • Design and development of Diagnostics, Backup Ignition, and Localization
    • Implementation of power management, NVM manger features, IPC, Diagnostic Trouble Codes self-test, radio self-test, etc.
    • AoA (Angle of Arrival) feature design and implementation
    • Two-point calibration in BLER antenna module
    • Configuration of MCAL using EB Tresos


  • Leveraging its expertise in Connectivity, Sasken ensured that the PaaK solution was compatible to 41 different smartphone models, thus enabling the customer to have maximum relevance in the market.
  • Sasken’s design with improved localization resulted in secure and fast PAAK solutions over others available in the market.
AUTOSAR-based PaaK

Customer: Leading UK-based Tier-1

Customer: Leading Japanese Automotive Tier-1

Customer: North American Automotive OEM