System Test Automation for a Tier-1 Automotive IVI OEM

Success Stories

System Test Automation for a Tier-1 Automotive IVI OEM
Customer: Tier-1 Automotive IVI OEM


System test automation of 3000 test cases for Tier-1 Automotive infotainment OEM using customer proprietary tools and covering areas like USB, Multimedia, Navigation, Bluetooth, HMI, etc.


  • Platforms: QNX OS  on 3 Different Models
  • Test  tool was developed in .NET and IVI was based on QNX platform
  • Enhance the test tool, identify automatable test cases, automate them, and daily execution
  • Analyse the failures, prepare test report, and provide logs to development team
  • Tool enhancement and maintenance


  • Reduced scripting and upgrade effort with reusable code for common function
  • Simplified debugging of failures and issues with restructured test artefacts (logs and image database)
  • Ease of porting test setup across workstations and  from one system to another with test environment & system configuration separation from individual scripts

Redefining the Automotive Aftermarket Ancillary Space

Customer:Leading UK-based provider of aftermarket automotive ancillary products