Reduced cycle time and faster time-to-market through automation of Android devices

Customer:Tier-1 North American Android OEM


Faster time-to-market by reducing cycle time for Field, Sanity, and Stability testing through automation for Android devices.


  • Testing of multiple ODM handsets planned to be launched with customized Android ROM
  • System test coverage including sanity testing, CTS/GTS testing, battery & power performance, memory performance, stability testing, benchmarking testing
  • Detailed triage report with recommendations for resolution to enable the ROM developer to appropriately interface with OEM and internal developer teams to get defect resolution


  • Automation feasibility analysis done for one customized Android device
  • 70% of sanity and stability tests were automated
  • Automated 80 test scenarios (Sanity 70, Stability -10)
  • Automated test scripts adapted for five more customized android devices
  • 50 cycles of sanity and 34 cycles of stability tests completed
  • Designed robust stability test bench for MTBF measurement up to 600 hours of execution with ability to capture crash, hang, and reboot scenarios


  • Expedited and faster testing for handsets and Android releases, leading to faster time-to-market and increasing the potential to roll out new handsets
  • Reduced manpower hours required leading to valuable cost savings to the customer
  • Repeat business for more Android models from previous engagement experience

Customer:Tier-1 Automotive IVI Solution provider

Customer:Tier-1 Automotive IVI OEM

Customer: Leading Korean Auto Electronics OEM