Android-based IVI Partnership with a Japanese Auto Tier 1

Customer: Japanese Auto Tier-1

Scope: Customer was developing multiple Android-based Display Audio models for its customers in different geographies and was looking for a partner to support the development of the models. Customer chose Sasken due to its extensive experience in the Automotive domain and in productizing IVI systems based on Android, Linux, and QNX.


  • Sasken was involved in ‘cold boot time reduction’ analysis, experiments, optimization suggestions, and sample optimization implementations for Android DA based on Android Oreo and Qualcomm 820A chipset
  • For Android DA, which is a derivative model based on Android M and Qualcomm 602A, Sasken worked on the following:
    • Requirement understanding for BT, Wi-Fi, AV (Audio Visual), FOTA, and system modules
    • Writing functional specifications for new requirements
    • Designing interface specification changes from base model for feature development in BT, Wi-Fi, AV (Audio Visual), FOTA, and system modules
    • Implementation, unit testing, integration testing, performance benchmarking and optimizations, defect fixing for BT, Wi-Fi, AV (Audio Visual), FOTA, and system modules
    • Defect triaging and fixing including fix migration defects from other model


Sasken’s expertise enabled customer to launch the solution within stipulated deadlines

Customer: North American Smartphone Manufacturer

Customer: Leading UK-based Tier-1

Customer: North American Automotive Tier-1