First Android M upgrade on OMAP4 platform for Rugged device OEM

Customer:Tier 1 NA Premium Rugged OEM


Upgrade of OMAP 4430 based rugged device and multiple market derivatives directly from Android JellyBean MR1 to Android Marshmallow


  • Complete Bootloader and kernel bringup and stabilization, new Hotkey functionality, display tuning, sensor adaptations, secure build enablement
  • No reference port on OMAP4470, identified the kernel dependencies by Android M user space & HAL, ported the required kernel features from 3.4 kernel of Hammerhead
  • Application / FW Customization : Phone app, messaging app migration, 3rd party apps, settings, UI , customized logos for boot animation
  • Graphics: Enabling Hardware rendering on CN51 with Third party co-ordination with integration of appropriate DDKs, hack Kernel to provide features required for newer DDK
  • Telephony FW/ RIL: Impact analysis of new RIL requests from JB to M, Vendor RIL and proprietary component integration from Centurion, enable multiple radio technology support ( GSM/CDMA), SDRIL porting
  • Modem communication including Telephony FW for power up, power down, SIM notifications, network registration including unsolicited notifications, modem and app processor interface
  • Multimedia: Retain older hardware accelerator, Camera HAL 1.0 instead of latest 3.0 and fix sync and playback/record issues.
  • Smoke, Sanity, Component Regression, System Test, Stability, Power & performance, BT accessory testing, Modem Defect Triaging and CTS Certification support


  • Industry’s first Android M upgrade (directly from JB to M) on OMAP4 platform, a legacy chipset for which support was discontinued by chipset vendor and vendors for peripheral components. This extended the life of the OEM’s device and improved the sales cycle.
  • Sasken’s end-to-end development of the project met OEM’s stringent quality criteria and necessary certifications including Google and other connectivity certifications.
First Android M upgrade on OMAP4 platform for Rugged device OEM

Customer:Tier-1 Rugged Device OEM

Customer:Premier American rugged device manufacturer

Customer:Premier American rugged device manufacturer