Next Gen Rugged device platform development for Tier-1 OEM

Customer:Tier-1 Rugged Device OEM


Android M NPI platform (MSM8956) for lead and multiple derivatives for NA and other operator markets


  • BSP and Modem Bringup
  • Qualcomm Reference board validation and benchmarking
  • HW revisions bringup support
  • Lead and derivative BSP bringup with kernel, peripherals, sensors on Android M
  • Modem bring up, stabilization and certification for retail and NA variants
  • Middleware Bringup – Ethernet, DHCP, NFC, Multimedia (Camera/Audio/Video)
  • Integration of OEM Specific customizations, including Scanner and Camera
  • Google GMS pre-certification testing and defect fixing
  • System, Stability, Power, Performance, memory testing with automation
  • Regulatory and Operator Certification pre-cert and Certification support, including PTN, SFN, PTCRB, GCF and lab conformance testing
  • Own and drive all stakeholder relationship with Qualcomm and 3rd party vendors, including certification test houses


  • Enabled the customer with the first mover advantage by compressing NPI launch cycle by 30%
  • 20% reduction of TTM of derivative SKUs through platform centric approach
  • 25% cost reduction through platform centric approach and test automation
Next Gen Rugged device platform development for Tier-1 OEM

Customer:Leading North American Enterprise Device Maker

Customer:Tier-1 Rugged Device OEM

Customer:Premier American rugged device manufacturer