Enabled Customer to Launch FIPS Compliant Enterprise Devices

Customer:Leading North American Enterprise Device Maker


Customer was looking for support to make the Android stack of their enterprise devices compliant to FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) 140-2 security approval program.


  • Chipsets: Qualcomm SDM660
  • Integrated certified crypto modules/libraries
  • Modified settings to disable/remove non-FIPS compliant options
  • Updated network modules with versions that are FIPS compliant
  • Built modules (network components such as Wi-Fi) with FIPS flag on
  • Provided Android Security Management by integrating Security Patches from Google and Qualcomm
  • Managed interaction with chipset vendor and Google
  • Impact:

    Sasken ensured that the customer’s enterprise devices conformed to the mandated FIPS 140-2 security compliance standards through significant enhancements to the Android stack, which enabled the customer to have their products certified for use in the US government departments and regulated industries.

Enabled Customer to Launch FIPS Compliant Enterprise Devices

Customer: North American Automotive OEM

Customer:Premier American rugged device manufacturer

Customer:Tier-1 Rugged Device OEM