Upgrade of legacy Android rugged device to Android L

Customer:Tier-1 Rugged Device OEM


Upgrade of QC8960 based rugged device and multiple market derivatives directly from Android KitKat to Android Lollipop


  • Porting of all OEM customizations from Kitkat to Lollipop
  • Base BSP support for all the multimedia components like Audio, video, Camera, scanner driver and hardware beep support  on Android L AOSP
  • Middleware Bringup - Connectivity (BT, Wi-Fi, NFC), Telephony RIL, Multimedia with 3rd party component integration
  • Camera: Kernel, App & framework modified to include chromatics related changes in Android L
  • Created a single BSP code base to support 3 products
  • Resolving performance and stability issues [Ex: Boot time, AFM Image/video capture]
  • Google GMS certification support - Met the critical Google GMS Certification support window of Feb’17
  • ATT certification support
  • Own and drive all stakeholder relationship with Qualcomm and 3rd party vendors
  • Sanity, Regression, System Test, Stability, Power & performance, BT accessory testing


  • Extend the life of OEM’s devices by Android upgrade and improved sale cycle
  • 15% cost reduction through platform centric approach and test automation

Customer:Premier American rugged device manufacturer

Customer:Premier American rugged device manufacturer

Customer: Japanese Auto Tier-1